Virtual Guest Panel Discussion

Virtual Guest Panel Discussion
Thursday, April 29 @ 4pm EST

Join us for this LIVE virtual event featuring 8 food and social justice advocates from across the Northeast. Share their experience, wisdom & reflection on a most extraordinary year.

Food Systems, Food Justice & Food Ways
What Did We Learn In 2020?

presented by Mill City Grows
moderated by Jamie Klufts, MPH

As we reflect on a most extraordinary year, what did 2020 teach us? What are the fundamental ways we’ve changed and grown within our communities? What are our new visions for the future? Our guest panelists are joining us from Boston and Northeast MA, Connecticut, New York, and the Merrimack Valley — come hear their experiences and share their wisdom at this special virtual event!

Registration – $10

Solidarity Registration – $20

* Includes your own registration PLUS a sponsored registration for a community member.

Donations gratefully accepted

Support Mill City Grows and our Food Access & Education Programs. Your gift of $20 or above is tax-deductible and includes registration to the event.

If you would like to attend this event and would like to inquire about a sponsored ticket, please contact Kerri Keeler at Kerri[at]millcitygrows[dot]org.

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