NOAH During the Pandemic

Dear NOAH Friends,
Like everyone else, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, NOAH’s staffers are making some temporary business protocol changes to help keep everyone safe, while doing what we can to minimize disruptions to our services and to our work. These are not easy times and plans may change depending on City, State or Federal directives.
We have cancelled all in-person classes, events, workshops and counseling, for now. We are not accepting any walk-in clients for any of our programs. Only clients with confirmed counselor appointments might be seen on an emergency basis. We are still hard at work to help as many residents and constituents in need as possible. Most of our staffers are working remotely, but all are still responding to voice messages and emails.
We hope that by following medical advice and practices, everyone stays safe and healthy during this challenging pandemic.
If you have questions for a specific service line, please leave a phone message for that Department, and leave your name, phone number, and the nature of your request.
Property Management: 617-418-8247
EHAP/Emergency Housing Assistance: 617-418-8260
FSNP/Family Safety Net: 617-418-8264
Foreclosure Prevention: 617-418-8263
Financial Capability: 617-418-8263
First Time Homebuyer: 617-418-8261 OR 617-418-8266
Senior Homeowner Services: 617-418-8265
ESOL or US Citizenship Classes: 617-418-8242
US Census: 617-418-8242
CBE/EJ: 617-418-8241
Youth Leadership: 617-418-8244
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