Support a mother in her postsecondary education journey by sharing your knowledge in a subject area of your strength. Examples of subject areas include: math, psychology, writing, presentation skills, economics, biology/science, humanities, etc.

Join a team of facilitators who guide women through a planned curriculum for Life Skills, focusing on topics such as parenting, health & wellness, economic independence, and career readiness.

Help care for the children of Jeremiah while their mothers attend empowerment and life skills classes, work, and school. Volunteers should have childcare experience, interest, and/or education.

Disrupt the cycle of poverty for single mothers and their children two generations at a time.

Do you enjoy helping kids learn new things? Assist a Camp Fire program staff in delivering our project-based curriculum to elementary school students. Programs take place during after-school hours and are located in Lynn.

Do you have connections in the field of youth development? Assist our Executive Director in approaching new program partners for the upcoming school year.

Do you have expertise in marketing, public relations, fundraising or finance? Join one of our Board committees and help us work towards our organizational goals.

To build caring, confident youth and future leaders. We listen, we encourage, and we provide the opportunity to uncover each young person’s individual interests. We help young people become the exceptional people they are destined to be.

If you care about cultivating the next generation of leaders, let’s talk. As a Junior Coach Partner you’ll train our students to be great recess coaches, encourage leadership on the playground, and build community in our schools by collaborating with young leaders.

If you want to be a consistent, positive role model in kids lives and help them grow through developmental sports leagues, let’s talk. As Sports League Support you’ll promote teamwork and sports fundamentals as a referee or assistant coach in developmental sports leagues, help with league planning and execution, support inclusive coaching for youth participants.

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