Technology assistants help residents navigate the use of devices borrowed from 2Life’s Digital Device Lending Libraries and Computer Centers, and online portals like Zoom.

The Safe Grocery Shopping Initiative for residents who are unable to go to the grocery store.

Armchair Travel Series in which volunteers “take” residents all over the world from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Joyful Connections social drop-in program for residents experiencing memory loss and their family members, friends and companions.

Morning shifts are available Tuesdays from 10am-12pm in our diaper pantry to answer phones, assist new clients, fill orders for diaper delivery clients, bring diaper delivery bundles to arriving delivery volunteers, process new supplies and stock diaper shelves. Our diaper pantry is located next door to the new NIN Food Warehouse.

Morning and afternoon shifts available Monday through Friday. 2-3 volunteers work at a time, wearing masks and gloves. Youth and family shifts are also available. Volunteers pack bags at our Warehouse space.

Volunteers facilitate the peer support groups for children and adults. Our model is an evidence-informed program that includes 35 hours of training. We could not deliver programs without the support of committed volunteers.

Anyone can volunteer to help. You will get assignments and training that fit with your experience and capabilities. From skilled tradespeople – carpenters, plumbers, electricians, roofers, and others – to the “weekend warriors” who love to work with their hands and energetic novices – all are welcome to join us and get the immense satisfaction…

Pick from a list of volunteering opportunities including event promotion and event day assistance, writing letters to the editor, contacting legislators, hosting fundraising get-togethers, and more!

Are you interested in teaching a student to read or write (BL – Basic Literacy student)? Are you interested in helping a student learn to speak English (ESOL – English for Speakers of Other Languages)? We offer a six-week training course (two hours each session), taught by certified Literacy Volunteers of Massachusetts (LVM) trainers. At…

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