Help low-income individuals and families prepare their income taxes for free.

Volunteers contribute to resource development, administrative support and other areas of impact.

Counselors help Medicare participants of all ages understand their Medicare benefits and other health insurance options by providing information and assistance about health insurance and public benefit options.

Non-clinicians to assist in the clinics with greeting, registering patients, setting up the clinic, and setting up charts. We are looking for volunteers who have experience with athenaNet.

Translators needed to offer phone and in-person support & to engage the Spanish community.

Create a database and information sheets on current Human Services and their contact information for the City of Marlborough & surrounding towns (approx. 2 hours per week).

Translators needed to offer phone and in-person support to Portuguese speaking clients & engage the Portuguese community.

We are looking for people to share their time and talents with us. Reach out to us to learn more about volunteering.

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